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Oracle Tuning Requirements - Quiz

1. Which of the following Oracle tuning measures is a single-sample snapshot measure?
Please select the best answer.
  A. Library cache pin ratio
  B. Buffer hit ratio
  C. Library cache hit ratio
  D. Disk sorts

2. If you are experiencing an unexpected dramatic slowdown in Oracle performance, which would be among the first things to check? Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Server CPU consumption (percent CPU used, number of waiting tasks)
  B. Table space becoming full
  C. Buffer hit ratio
  D. Network bottlenecks

3. Which is true about Oracle tuning ratios? Please select the best answer.
  A. Oracle ratios can swing widely during five-minute periods, but have an overall acceptable average.
  B. Oracle ratios are snapshot at a fixed point in time.
  C. Oracle ratios are useful in determining if the database is suffering from server resource shortages.
  D. Oracle ratios are only useful if averaged over a very long time period, at least 12 hours.

4. Which of the following job roles would be actively involved in Oracle tuning? (check all that apply)
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Systems administrators
  B. Network administrators
  C. Windows programmers
  D. Oracle DBAs