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Monitor Oracle alert log - Exercise

Monitor the alert log

Objective: Write a script to monitor the alert log for two errors messages.

Exercise scoring

You will receive 5 points for successfully completing this exercise. To get full credit, you'll need to correctly write a script in the language of your choice that will monitor the alert log for two exceptional conditions. Once you have completed your answer, you'll submit your answer.


In the previous lesson, you learned about a script that you could write and schedule to automatically check the most recent 400 lines of the alert log. The example used the UNIX "tail" command to do this. For this exercise, write your own script that checks for the following messages:
  1. unable to extend rollback segment
  2. unable to extend object


The example is written for the UNIX operating systems using the Korn shell language, but you can create these types of scripts in any language. If you choose, you can write your script for a different OS and in a different language. Just inform your tutor of this by adding a note in the text box.

Submitting your exercise

Once you've entered your response into the text box, Click the Submit button to submit the exercise.