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Oracle Certification Exam

Tuning Oracle SQL is the third of five courses in the Oracle Performance Tuning Certification Series.

In keeping with its commitment to provide standards for technical competency, Oracle has given the exams associated with the Oracle Certified Professional Program a large amount of internal Oracle support.

Certification Paths

Oracle provides in-depth technical specifications and sample exams to assist candidates in preparing for certification.
Oracle also provides extensive online test information and updates.

Several Oracle Database Exams currently available

  1. Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061 or
  2. Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051 or
  3. Oracle Database SQL Expert 1Z0-047
The Oracle 1Z0-047 certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who have some experience with SQL and PL/SQL and want to advance their career with the (OCE) Oracle SQL Certified Expert credential. The Oracle Database SQL Expert certification exam validates your understanding of the SQL and PL/SQL technology and enables you to learn more advanced topics. Your preparation plan for the Oracle exam 1Z0-047 should include hands-on practice in performing the tasks.

Oracle Database 12c Certification

The process of becoming Oracle Database certified broadens your knowledge and skills by exposing you to a wide array of important database features, functions and tasks. Oracle Database certification teaches you how to perform hands-on activities through labs, study and practice. In addition, Oracle certification exams validate your capabilities using real-world, scenario-based questions that assess and challenge your ability to think and perform.
With the 12c release, Oracle Database is re-engineered for Cloud computing.
Multitenant architecture brings enterprises unprecedented hardware and software efficiencies, performance and manageability benefits, and fast and efficient Cloud provisioning. Oracle Database 12c certifications emphasize the full set of skills that DBAs need in today's competitive marketplace.
The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) for Oracle Database 12c assesses the most important skills DBAs need for daily operational management and maintenance. Building upon the competencies in the Oracle Database 12c OCA certification, the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for Oracle Database 12c includes the advanced knowledge and skills required of top-performing database administrators, including development and deployment of backup, recovery and Cloud computing strategies. The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) for Oracle Database 12c certifies the most highly skilled and experienced database experts.

Software Multitenancy

Software Multitenancy refers to a software architecture in which a single instance of a software runs on a server and serves multiple tenants. A tenant is a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges to the software instance. With a multitenant architecture, a software application is designed to provide every tenant a dedicated share of the instance including its data, configuration, user management, tenant individual functionality and non-functional properties. Multitenancy contrasts with multi-instance architectures, where separate software instances operate on behalf of different tenants.