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Lesson 4 Working with SQL developers
Objective List techniques for working with SQL developers.

Working with SQL Developers

Developers versus DBAs?
It is a truism that the goals of the SQL programmer and the DBA are not the same. Many developers realize that their primary goal is to write and test SQL as quickly as possible without focusing solely on the performance.
This is especially a problem because the same SQL statement may be written in a number of different ways, all return the same result, but with radically different performance. Consider a few of these examples in the following SlideShow.

1) Optimize Query 1 2) Optimize Query 2 3) Optimize Query 3 4) Optimize Query 4 5) Optimize Query 5 6) Optimize Query 6 7) Optimize Query 7

Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 Program 4 Program 5 Program 6 Program 7
SQL Runtime Efficiency
In lieu of the fact the developers do not always create SQL that will perform perfectly, the DBA can employ a number of techniques to bridge this gap.

Facilitating SQL Management Techniques employed by DBAs

  1. Become an SQL tuning expert and offer to share your expertise with the developers
  2. Create SQL tuning tip sheets.
  3. Install Oracle SQL tuning tools such as (SQLab or SQL*Analyzer) and encourage the developers to use these products.
  4. Be a mentor. Let the developers know that they will not be criticized or ridiculed for sloppy SQL.
Now that we understand the issues involved with working with SQL developers, let us investigate compelling techniques for securing Oracle SQL with stored procedures.