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Lesson 3 The course project
Objective Learn about the course project.

Database Course Project

Learn about the course project.

You will acquire a wide range of skills in this course. To practice applying these skills, you will complete several small projects. It is not practical to expect you to crash your production database to test something.

Your course projects

For the duration of the course, imagine yourself as a DBA for a company called Network Consultants. As such, you will work with a project database system. You will be given several tasks to perform on this system during this course. As we progress through these courses more information will be presented to you. Our simulations and tests may rely on information presented in earlier lessons. This will help reinforce what you have just learned and the dependent material presented earlier. The next module examines Backup and Recovery considerations.

Network Consultants Technology

A network consultant is an information technology professional who works with computer networks. Network consultants typically work to help organizations build and maintain computer networks that meet their needs.
Network Consultants Technology (NCT) is an IT Consultant and Service support company, providing complete IT service, support needs and IT advice for businesses across the world wide web. NCT offers an extended level of products and services, including highly skilled and industry experienced team, with wide ranging fields of expertise in:
  1. Advanced Oracle Tuning
  2. Advanced SQL
  3. Backup Recovery Methods
  4. Basic SQL
  5. Database Admin