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Lesson 5 How to obtain archive log information
Objective Retrieve archive log information.

How to obtain Archive Log Information

There are several ways to determine the current archival state of your database. We have seen several of these in earlier lessons. For the best single summary of your archival state, use the archive log list command in server manager. Following are two examples of output from this command. The first example is a database in archivelog mode with automatic archiving disabled:
archivelog mode disabled
archivelog mode disabled

Let us review the information contained in this image.
Archive log list entry Description Our database value
Database log mode Current mode of the database Archive Mode
Automatic archival Whether ARCH is running Disabled
Archive destination Where the archived log files will go d:\oracle8\archive
Oldest online log sequence The sequence number of the oldest online redo log file 35
Next log sequence to archive Next redo log file to be archived; displayed only when in archivelog mode 38
Current log sequence Which log file we are currently writing to 38
The next is an example of a database in archivelog mode with automatic archiving enabled and the archive log destination directory as d:\oracle8\archive.
automatic archiving enabled
automatic archiving enabled

Other sources of information include various dynamic data dictionary views contained within the following FlipBook:
1) Dynamic View
2) Dynamic View
3) Dynamic View

The next lesson is about standby databases.