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Lesson 12

Oracle Database File Components Conclusion

In this module we learned the basic Oracle database file components that relate to your backup and recovery strategy. This information extends what we learned about the Oracle instance. By now you should be comfortable with the following:
  1. Oracle Control files
  2. Redo log files
  3. Archive log files
  4. Checkpoint processing
  5. Some file placement considerations
  6. How to determine the current state and structure of your database

Management of redo and archive log files is covered in more detail in a subsequent module. Understanding the basics of why and how some of these Oracle processes work will allow you to make more intelligent decisions when creating your backup and recovery strategy.
If you would like, you can review the init.ora parameters that were covered up to this point in the table below.

init.ora Parameters

Init.ora parameter Description
LARGE_POOL_SIZE This is how you create the Large Pool. When the Instance starts, it allocates the requested memory in the SGA.
LARGE_POOL_MIN_ALLOC This is the smallest chunk that can be allocated.
ARCH_IO_SLAVES This is the number of I/O slaves used for log archiving.
BACKUP_DISK_IO_SLAVES This is the number of I/O slaves used by RMAN for copy, backup, and restore.
BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES If True, then one I/O slave is used to perform asynchronous I/O to and from tape when doing an RMAN backup and restore.
LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST This parameter indicates where the archive log files will be written.
LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL This parameter causes a checkpoint when the specified number of OS blocks have been written to the redo log files since the last checkpoint.
LOG_CHECKPOINT_TIMEOUT This parameter causes a checkpoint when the specified number of seconds has elapsed since the last checkpoint.
USER_DUMP_DEST This is the directory that contains the output from your trace commands.

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The next module gives an overview of archivelog and noarchivelog.