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Disable Microsoft Virtual Machine

To disable Java Virtual Machine, select Tools>>Internet Options>>Advanced. Disable Microsoft Virtual Machine by deselecting JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled as illustrated in the image below.

MS Virtual Machine
MS Virtual Machine

Not typically a specification, but important though is the convergence of the Java VM; JRockit and HotSpot, are both incorporated with the best features from both Java virtual machines. The JVM convergence will be a multiyear process.
The following are the JRockit features and specifications:
  1. Robustness
    1. Cooperative thread suspension
    2. More robust JIT compiler
    3. White box testing APIs
    4. Refactored codebase for maintainability
  2. Serviceability
    1. JRockit Flight Recorder
    2. HPROF heap dump support
    3. Enhanced JMX agent
    4. Native memory tracking
    5. Fine granular compiler directives
  3. Performance
    1. Up to 64 GB compressed references (was 4 GB)
    2. Up to 30 percent lower GC pause times overall
  4. The following are the features of HotSpot JVM:
    1. Oracle apps and middleware on Solaris
    2. Client and non-Oracle apps on Solaris/Windows/Linux