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Lesson 1

Introduction to Oracle Export and Import Utilities

This module discusses how to use the Export and Import utilities to perform logical backups of your database. As you define your backup strategy, it is important to consider both 1) physical and 2) logical backups. The Export and Import utilities are important tools used frequently every day by experienced database administrators (DBAs).
By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the functions of the Export and Import utilities
  2. Explain how to use Export
  3. Use Export to perform a complete backup
  4. Use Export for incremental and cumulative backups
  5. Discuss the direct path method of using Export
  6. Use Import to restore database information

Export Utility

As an Oracle DBA, you will find yourself using the Export utility in many situations; one example is rolling out production databases. For instance, you can use the Export utility to create a base-level database schema. Then, when you go to a customer site, you will be able to create a blank database and import your database definitions and base-level data. This will help ensure that all current database objects are created and will help minimize installation errors.
For a full description of Export and Import, please refer to
Oracle Database Utilities 11g Release 1 (11.1) B28319-02 September 2007
or the online documentation that comes with the release CDs.
You will find many uses for Export/Import in your day-to-day activities. In the next lesson, you will get started on learning about the Export and Import utilities.