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Lesson 5 Backup Manager
Objective Role of Backup Manager as GUI tool for backup and recovery.

Oracle Backup Manager

Discuss the role of Backup Manager as a GUI tool for backup and recovery.
Backup Manager is one of the tools available to manage the backup and recovery of Oracle databases. Most Oracle utilities start out as command-line utilities and these utilities are invoked from within the operating system command-line interface.
With the advent of GUIs, Oracle has moved most of its tools to run within a GUI environment. Oracle Enterprise Manager is the GUI tool that encompasses the database management and control utilities. Some people swear by the OS command-line interface, some Oracle DBAs prefer to use tools like Enterprise Manager. In this lesson, we will briefly review Backup Manager.

Backup Manager in relation to Oracle Enterprise Manager

Backup Manager is part of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), so OEM must be installed to run Backup Manager. OEM runs on a client machine running Windows NT. The examples shown in this lesson use OEM version 1.6, which is installed with Oracle version 8.0.5.
When you start Backup Manager, it will create a connection to Recovery Manager running on the server where your production database resides. There is no real difference between backing up your database with Backup Manager and using the command-line interface.
This SlideShow demonstrates OEM and Backup Manager:

1) OEM Backup Manager 1 2) OEM Backup Manager 2 3) OEM Backup Manager 3 4) OEM Backup Manager 4
OEM Console Screen
Whether you elect to use Backup Manager or run Recovery Manager as a command-line utility is your preference. As we continue through the rest of this course, we will be using the command-line interface for examples.
In the next lesson, we will introduce backup sets and how they relate to RMAN.

Overview of Configuring RMAN for Oracle RAC

RMAN enables you to back up, restore, and recover data files, control files, server parameter files (SPFILEs) and archived redo log files. RMAN is included with Oracle Database and does not require separate installation. You can run RMAN from the command line or use RMAN in the Backup Manager in Oracle Enterprise Manager

Using RMAN to Create Backups in Oracle RAC

Oracle Database provides RMAN for backing up and restoring the database. RMAN enables you to back up, restore, and recover data files, control files, SPFILEs, and archived redo logs. RMAN is included with the Oracle Database server and it is installed by default. You can run RMAN from the command line or you can use it from the Backup Manager in Oracle Enterprise Manager. In addition, RMAN is the recommended backup and recovery tool if you are using (Oracle ASM) Oracle Automatic Storage Management.
The procedures for using RMAN in Oracle RAC environments do not differ substantially from those for Oracle noncluster environments.