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Lesson 1

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery

Using Export, Import, and Recovery Manager

Welcome to Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Using Export, Import, and Recovery Manager.
The data stored in your company's database is one of your company's most valuable resources. Even though the Oracle database is an extremely reliable database, you should always take precautions to guard against problems that could lead to the loss of this data.
You can never tell when a disk drive will fail, an operator will accidentally cause the database to crash, or a natural disaster, such as a power surge, will occur and destroy your database forever. An ounce of protection, in this case, is worth much more than a pound of cure, because once your data is gone, is gone forever. Your data will be gone unless you have implemented a proper backup strategy that will allow you to recover most or all of the data that was put in peril. And that is what this course is all about.

Oracle Database Backup Recovery Course Goals

After completing the course, you will be able to:
  1. Use the Oracle Export and Import utilities
  2. Understand and be able to use and maintain Oracle Recovery Manager
  3. Understand the function and operation of the recovery catalog
  4. Create and manage file copies and image copies
  5. Create and use backup sets to backup your database
  6. Understand how to plan and implement a complete backup strategy

Course Learning Methodologies

In this course, you will learn both about creating backups and how to work with the backed up data. You will get practice performing backups through the use of the Simulations.
You will also be able to interact with a variety of SlideShows, which will walk you through a series of graphics that illustrate the concepts explained in the lessons.


QuickChecks are unscored opportunities for you to self-check your understanding of key points before you arrive at an Exercise or Quiz that is scored. You will see an icon that you click to display a brief question, and then you will click again to see the correct answer in a short animated sequence.
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Oracle Database Backup Series

Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Using Export, Import, and Recovery Manager is the third of three courses in the Oracle Backup and Recovery Certification Series. The goal of this series is to:
  1. Prepare students to pass the Oracle backup and recovery certification exam
  2. Prepare students to perform Oracle backup and recovery tasks as an Oracle database administrator
In the next lesson, you will learn about prerequisites to this course.