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Lesson 4 Using Export to create a complete backup
ObjectiveUse Export to perform a complete backup.

Using Export to create a complete backup in Oracle

Earlier in this module, you learned that there are three modes that you can use to export information from your database. This lesson will focus on using full mode[1] to create a complete export of the database. A full database export can be broken down into 1) complete, 2)cumulative, and 3) incremental backups. Cumulative and incremental exports take less time to complete than a complete backup, but add information to a previously performed complete backup.


A complete database export will back up all table and data definitions, roles, synonyms, triggers, system audit options, and more. (You can refer to the Oracle documentation set for a complete list.) To perform this type of export, you need to set the parameter inctype=complete. This type of export is the same as a full database export, because both will update the tables that track incremental and cumulative exports. The following command performs a complete export:

C:/Oracle/bin>exp80 userid=system/manager full=y
inctype=complete file=C:\export\exp001.dmp

System tables

The user SYS owns three tables (INCEXP, INCFIL, and INCVID) that contain information about exports. These tables are updated whenever you either specify the RECORD=Y parameter or do not specify a value for the RECORD parameter, because Y is the default value.


SYS.INCEXP keeps track of which database objects are exported in a specific export session. This table includes the columns OWNER#, NAME, TYPE#, CTIME, ITIME, and EXPID.
A few database administrator (DBA) views can be used to display information about incremental exports: DBA_EXP_OBJECTS, DBA_EXP_VERSION, DBA_EXP_FILES.

desc sys.incexp;


SYS.INCFIL tracks incremental and cumulative exports. This table contains the following columns: EXPID, EXPTYPE, EXPFILE, EXPDATA, and EXPUSER.

SYS.INCVID: SYS.INCVID contains one column, EXPID, which identifies the last valid export.z


In the next lesson, you will learn how to perform incremental backups using Export.
[1] Full mode: An export of the entire database. There are three options: complete, cumulative and incremental.