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Starting RMAN without a Recovery Catalog

Earlier, you learned how to start Recovery Manager with a recovery catalog. You use essentially the same process to start Recovery Manager without a recovery catalog. The only difference is that nocatalog tells the Recovery Manager that you will be using the control file information rather than the information stored in the recovery catalog.
Following are examples that use the same assumptions from the previous lesson: Target database is orc1 and the username/password combination is system/manager.

Example 1

In this example, you identify the Oracle SID for your target database and then connect using OS verification.

Set Oracle_sid=orc1
rman nocatalog
rman>connect target

rman nocatalog

Example 2

This example starts RMAN specifying the username/password combination on the command line.
rman target system/manager nocatalog

connect target system/manager nocatalog

Example 3

In this example, you connect to the database, which could be remote, using an alias. @MYBD is your alias for your recovery catalog, and will be resolved by using the tnsnames.ora file to resolve the database link.
rman target system/manager@MYDB nocatalog

rman target system/manager@mydb nocatalog

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