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Database Technology Mapping

Mapping of Database technologies

The table below display mappings of Database technologies.
ODBC: Uses vendor-specific drivers to provide a standard interface to the database system
SQL: Used to query and modify data in a relational database
Middleware: Software that enables communication between the application and the database
OLE DB: Uses data consumers and data providers to access relational and non-relational databases

A vast variety of services around the world are accessible by users anywhere at any point of time. This increases the amount of processed data in a very short period of time.
Bus route finder applications for Smartphones are overwhelmed by data-traffic as the number of Smartphone users rise. In addition, the rapidly evolving Web service technologies challenge the traditional theories and approaches to databases. Overall efficiency and flexibility have become more crucial than the individual process results between a transaction and a record, as these days it is not just a couple of DB servers that access the SAN storage. Many argue that the traditional database theories and the current RDBMS are inappropriate for handling large-scale data (more commonly known as big data).