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Lesson 2Updating Records
ObjectiveUpdate a database using a recordset object and bound controls.

Updating Database Records

In this lesson, you will learn how to use Visual InterDev to update existing information in the database.
SQL statements are not needed because we will use methods built into the recordset object. Specifically, we'll use the recordset object's updateRecord method. Using the Recordset and Textbox Design Time controls together makes it incredibly easy to update table rows. As you will see, only one line of script needs to be entered. The simulation that follows shows you how to add functionality to update customer information. It uses the file CustManage.asp to display a record and accept updates. You can download this file from the Resources page.
The image below shows this file displayed in a web browser.

Customer Number, Last Name, First Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Status

Now, let usroll up our sleeves and add an update button to the Web site.
Updating customer Data Using Recordset Object
In the next lesson, you will see that the same process is used to add an Insert function.