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Lesson 1

Introduction to Modifying Data using Visual Web Developer

Data in the VirtualBookShelf database will change. Inventory and customers will be added and removed, quantity on hand, prices, customer information, and more will change. Therefore, Web pages are needed to provide these functions to users.
This module discusses how to use the recordset and data-bound Design Time Controls to:

  1. Add an Update button to update existing data
  2. Add an Insert button to insert new rows in a table
  3. Add a Delete button to remove a table row

You will be surprised at just how little work is required to add these features to a Web page using Visual InterDev's drag-and-drop features.
Dragging and dropping Design Time Controls is quick and easy. However, you are not required to use them. In some cases you may want to use script instead. You will also see in this module how to use script directly with the Data Environment rather than using Design Time Controls.
In the next lesson, you will learn how to update existing data using a recordset object and bound controls.