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Adding a Recordset Design Time Control

  1. Specials.asp is already open in the source editor. To add the Recordset DTC, drag it onto the page and drop it in the <HEAD> section, just next to the </HEAD> tag.
    For the purpose of this simulation, click the Recordset DTC and we will drag it for you.
  2. Now, you need to set the control's properties to specify a name for the control as well as the command object it will use. To set the properties, right-click the Recordset DTC.
  3. Now, click Properties.
  4. Just like the command object, you should give the recordset a meaningful name. Enter BookRecords in the Name text box. Then you must select the appropriate Database Object. To do this, click the down arrow to the right of the Tables field.
  5. Since we're going to use this control with the command object added in Lesson 3, select DE Commands.
  6. Now specify the Object name. There is only one to select at this time, BookRecordsCmd.
  7. That takes care of the properties, click Close to finish.
  8. Now the project has a command object with an associated Recordset DTC. This is the end of the simulation.