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Using the command Object

  1. The project and file Specials.asp are open. To begin, expand the BookRecordsCmd object to display the column tables. Expand the object by clicking the + symbol in front of its name.
  2. Now select the columns you want to display and drag them onto the page. Highlight the fields ItemNo, Title, Author, and Retail. You can drag all four fields at once by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting each field.
  3. Now, drag the fields to the page. For the purpose of this simulation, just click ItemNo and we will drag them for you.
  4. Notice that not only are the Textbox controls inserted into the page, but that HTML table tags and the field names are also inserted. View it in the browser by right-clicking the Source Editor.
  5. Select “View in Browser” from the menu.
  6. Now the record is formatted nicely in an HTML table. This is the end of the simulation.