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Configuring Oracle Net client - Exercise

Editing the tnsnames.ora file

Objective: Edit your tnsnames.ora file, using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant, and add an entry for the COIN instance.

Exercise Scoring

You will receive 10 points for this exercise. The exercise is auto-scored; when you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button to receive full credit.


In order for you to connect to a database on another computer, you need to tell the Oracle Net software where that database is. You do this by adding an entry for the database in a file named tnsnames.ora. The Oracle Net Configuration Assistant utility facilitates this process.


If you have Oracle installed on a computer, and are following along with the steps in this course, run the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant utility to edit your tnsnames.ora file, and add an entry pointing to the COIN database.

Submitting your exercise

When you are done, click on the Submit button to receive full credit for this exercise.