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Lesson 9 Using SQLPlus Worksheet
Objective Execute some ad-hoc SQL statements using the SQLPlus Worksheet.

Using SQLPlus Worksheet

SQL Plus Worksheet
SQLPlus Worksheet is a bit different from the other DBA Management Pack modules. It's essentially a command-line application dressed up in a GUI interface.
SQLPlus Worksheet, like SQL*Plus and Server Manager, allows you to execute SQL statements and view the results. Its display is divided into two panes.
The upper pane is where you enter and edit your SQL statements. The lower pane is where you view the results from executing those statements.
Instead of entering a semicolon or a forward-slash to have a statement executed, you click a lightning-bolt icon instead.
The following simulation shows you how to start SQLPlus Worksheet, execute a simple query, and then exit the application.

Exploring SqlPlus Worksheet

Sql pluswork Sheet - Exercise

Before you go on to the module conclusion, complete this exercise in order to practice using SQLPlus Worksheet.
Sql pluswork Sheet - Exercise