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Lesson 6 Bouncing the listener
ObjectiveStop and restart Oracle listener and read new listener.ora file.

Stop and restart Oracle listener

Read new listener.ora file Making sure changes take effect

Whenever you make a change to your listener.ora file, you need to stop and restart the listener in order for that change to take effect. This is because the Oracle Net listener only reads listener.ora at startup. This process of stopping and immediately restarting the listener is commonly referred to as bouncing the listener.
The process for bouncing the listener is simple:
  1. Start listener control
  2. Issue a stop command
  3. Issue a start command
Try the following simulation for this process:
bouncing Oracle Listener

This simulation used the listener control program from a DOS prompt. On an Windows machine, you also have the option of stopping and starting the listener from the Services control panel. This demonstratoin used lsnrctl because it is a universal approach that works on any Oracle installation, including those on Unix.
In the output from restarting the listener, the key item to look for is the service handler[1] for the COIN instance. This tells you that the listener is now monitoring the network for incoming connection requests for that instance. You will find an example of this in the exercise below, under the section titled Services Summary.

Bouncing Listener - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below, and do the exercise to stop and restart your listener in order for your addition of the COIN instance to take effect.
Bouncing Listener - Exercise

Net Listener Bounce - Quiz

After you have completed the exercise, click the Quiz link below to test your knowledge of the material you have learned so far.
Net Listener Bounce - Quiz
[1] service handler: A Oracle Net related entity that runs in conjunction with the listener to handle connection requests for a database instance.