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Lesson 4 The DBA Management Pack modules
ObjectiveDescribe the modules of the DBA Management Pack.

DBA Management Pack Modules

The DBA Management Pack supports basic database administration tasks and consists of five applications. Each application is targeted at one specific domain, or area, of database administration. Here is a list of the applications that shows the type of tasks that can be performed with each one:

OEM application functionality

  1. Instance Manager: Start and stop the Oracle instance
  2. Storage Manager: Create tablespaces, add datafiles create redo log files, create rollback segments
  3. Security Manager: Create users, create roles, grant privileges to users, grant roles to users
  4. Schema Manager: Create tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, and synonyms
  5. SQLPlus Worksheet: Execute ad-hoc SQL statements using a GUI interface

If you have done a default install of Oracle Enterprise Manager, you can find these modules under
Start->Programs->Oracle - oem_home->DBA Management Pack.
Click the link below to navigate to that program group and view the icons for each module:
Navigating to DBA Management Pack icons
Now that you know how to find the icons, the next five lessons will show you how to start and use each of the individual modules. You will get a chance, using OEM, to look at many of the things that you created when you created the COIN database in the first course.

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