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Lesson 4Using the Listener Control program
ObjectiveView status of listener using the Listener Control program.

Using Oracle Listener Control Program

Just as Server Manager is used to start, stop, and manage an Oracle database, Oracle provides a command-line utility known as Listener Control to start, stop, and manage the Oracle Net Listener. The executable name for Listener Control will be one of the following:

Legacy Technology

lsnrctl Unix, and Windows beginning with the release of Oracle8i
lsnrctl30 Oracle8, release 8.0.x on Windows
lsnrctl23 Oracle7, release 7.3.x on Windows

Three useful commands

Try starting up your listener control now.
We are going to cover three Listener Control commands :
  1. HELP,
  2. STATUS, and
  3. EXIT.

HELP and EXIT are easy ones. HELP gets you information about the commands you can use, and EXIT is used to quit the Listener Control program. You will use the STATUS command to report the current status of the listener. Try the following simulation to practice using all three of these commands.
Listener Control Program

Using Listener Control -Exercise

Please click the Exercise link below to try the status command on your system before you move on to the next lesson.
Using Listener Control -Exercise