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Lesson 5 Using Instance Manager
Objective Use Instance Manager to check the status of a database.

Using Instance Manager

Instance Manager is used to perform tasks that affect the operation of a database instance. You can use Instance Manager for the following tasks:

Instance Manager Functionality

  1. Start an instance
  2. Shutdown an instance
  3. View and change values for initialization parameters
  4. Check the current state of archiving
  5. Find out how much memory is being used by the SGA
  6. List current database users
  7. Look at information about a user
  8. Forcibly terminate a user’s connection
  9. Look at resource utilization by the instance

Oracle 13c Cloud
The following simulation shows you some of Instance Manager’s functionality. Log in as system/dogtoad@coin, and explore.
Exploring Instance Manager
The interface to each of the Enterprise Manager applications is very similar to what you have just seen here in the interface to the Instance Manager. The next lesson will give you an introduction to Storage Manager.

Using Instancemanager - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to use Instance Manager to get information about the COIN database.
Using Instance manager - Exercise