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Lesson 6Using Storage Manager
ObjectiveUse Storage Manager to view information about tablespaces

Using Storage Manager

Storage Manager's Functionality

Storage Manager, as you have probably already guessed, is used to manage the physical files and database structures related to storage of your data.
You use Storage Manager to perform the following tasks:
  1. Create a tablespace
  2. Add a datafile to a tablespace
  3. Create redo log groups
  4. Create rollback segments
  5. Take rollback segments, tablespaces, or datafiles offline
  6. View or modify default storage parameters for a tablespace

Exploring Storage Manager

Click the link below to practice using some of Storage Manager’s functionality.
Exploring Storage Manager
In later courses in this series, you will explore each aspect of Storage Manager’s functionality in greater detail. For now, go on to the next lesson and learn about Security Manager.