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Lesson 8Testing client connectivity
ObjectiveApply Oracle Net troubleshooting techniques.

Testing Oracle Client Connectivity

Sometimes, you setup a Oracle Net connection, and it does not work.This is more likely to happen when you edit your tnsnames.ora file manually than it is when you use Oracle Net Configuration Assistant. Partly that is because Oracle Net Configuration Assistant tests the connection capability when you create it, and partly that's because using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant reduces your chance of making a mistake.
If you are faced with a Oracle Net connection that is not working, here are several things that you should check:
  1. Whether your listener.ora file on the server is correct
  2. The syntax of your tnsnames.ora entry
  3. The underlying network connectivity
  4. The Oracle Net connectivity
  5. The default domain in your sqlnet.ora file

listener.ora File

The first item, the entry for the database in your listener.ora file, is normally an issue only when you have recently edited that file. You have already seen how to do that. The next section in this lesson talks about item 2. In the following two lessons, you will learn how to check the other three items.

Checking the Syntax

A failed to resolve service name error might result from a mistake in the syntax used for the tnsnames.ora entry that you are testing. Compare the entry you are testing against other entries that work. Watch the parentheses closely. You may be able to spot the error and fix it. If not, you may find it easier to delete the entry, and recreate it using Oracle Net Configuration Assistant.