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Listener Control Program - Exercise

Using the Listener Control program and status command

Objective:Try the Listener Control status command on your system.

Exercise Scoring

You will receive 10 points for this exercise. The exercise is auto-scored; when you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button to receive full credit.

Background and Overview

You have learned the purpose of the Net8 Listener, and you have also learned about the Listener Control program that is used to start, stop, and monitor the Net8 Listener. You have also just had the opportunity to simulate the process of running Listener Control, and checking the status of the listener. Now it is time to try it for real.


Run the Listener Control program on your system, and try out the status command.


If you are running on Windows , and if you are using a release of Oracle prior to 9i, the Listener Control executable will be named lsnrctl30, lsnrctl23, and so forth, depending on the exact release of Oracle that you are running.
On Unix, and Windows with the 9i release installed, the command is lsnrctl.

Submitting your exercise

Click the Submit button after you have successfully executed the status command.