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Using SQLPlus Worksheet - Exercise

Objective:Use SQLPlus Worksheet to execute a few queries.

Exercise scoring

You will receive 10 points for this exercise. The exercise is auto-scored; when you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button.


Start SQLPlus Worksheet, connect to the COIN database, and execute these three queries:
select * from dual;
select sysdate from dual;
select user from dual;

You can execute one query at a time, or you can type all three into the upper textbox, click the lightning bolt, and execute them all at once.
Try it both ways, and observe how the results are appended to the lower textbox after each statement is executed.


Do not forget that you have to click the lightning bolt icon to execute a query.
When you do that, all the text from the upper textbox is sent to Oracle to be executed.
If you run into trouble with syntax errors, make sure that the upper textbox contains nothing but the one statement that you want executed.