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Changing a user's Password - Exercise

Changing passwords

Objective: Change a user's password for the COIN database.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth up to 10 points. You will get 5 points for the core task of changing the password. Another 5 points are awarded if the student figures out the bonus task.

Background and Overview

You are the DBA of the COIN database. The COIN_ADMIN user has come to you, confessing that in his forgetfulness he has lost the password to his account. Worse yet, someone has stolen his written password list from his desk drawer, so now he cannot log in. He wants you to reset his password to something that he knows.


Write the necessary SQL statement or statements, to change the COIN_ADMIN user's password. For bonus credit, set the new password so that it is already expired. That way the user is forced to change it again, to a value that you do not know.


The ALTER USER command is used for both parts of this exercise.

Submitting your exercise

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