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Granting System Privileges - Exercise

Granting privileges to User

Objective: Choose appropriate privileges for different types of users.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 15 points.


You are the DBA, and you have been asked to add two new users to the COIN database. Their usernames are TSMITH and FJONES. TSMITH is an end user who just needs to run applications. FJONES is the lead developer on the project, and is often called upon to create new objects in order to test code before it goes into production. In addition, FJONES often initiates unusually large transactions and needs the ability to create and use large rollback segments.


Assume that you have just created these users. Decide which privileges to give each, and write the necessary GRANT statements. Explain your choices. When you are finished, submit your answers by means of the textbox below.

Submitting your exercise

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