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Build Oracle DEREF Query

Build Oracle DEREF Query in Oracles

Build a query by using DEREF and then complete the required entry fields to connect to the database.
  1. Then begin to build the SQL.
  2. Select the DEREF of the reference from the appropriate table, and execute the SQL.
  3. After the process is completed, SQL*Plus displays the result of the compilation of your query, click exit.

Object-Relational Queries

Object-Relational queries are queries which can handle data object features on the existing relational data environment. REF is one of most important data structures in Object-Relational Databases and can be explained as a logical pointer to define the link between two tables with a similar function.
There are three ways of writing REF join queries which are:
  1. REF Join,
  2. Path Expression Join and
  3. DEREF/VALUE Join.