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Inserting Rows into varray - Exercise

Inserting rows into a nested table

Objective:Write an INSERT statement to insert a row into a nested table.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. You will receive up to five points for writing the INSERT statement and displaying the results with the correct syntax. You will receive up to five points for adding an explanation.


Write an INSERT statement to insert a row into the nested table within the SALE_HEADER table.

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  1. With SQL*Plus, connect to the database by using PETSTORE as the username, GREATPETS as the password, and MYDB as the host string.
  2. Approve the entries.
  3. Build an INSERT statement to insert a record into the varray within the CUSTOMER_OBJ_TABLE table.
The values for the record are as follows: cust_id is 56, name of the person is Norma Grey residing at 100 South East Main Burbank CA 65443 having the following phone numbers: 1-800-876-3243 and 1-714-785-8763. Joan last updated the record on 12/22/99.

Now answer this....

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  1. Can you specify the column names for the INSERT statement and insert data into only a few columns?
  2. If so, how?


Use ADDRESS_TYPE, which is an object type, and PHONE_ARRAY, which is a varray type of collection.

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