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Erasing Data within LOB - Exercise

Erasing Data within a LOB

Objective: Use PL/SQL to erase portions of data within a LOB column.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is auto-scored.


In this exercise, you will erase data within a LOB column using PL/SQL.

Exercise Simulation

This exercise uses a simulation of an Oracle environment.


In the following simulation exercise, you will be asked to perform a task or set of tasks you have learned in the previous lesson. The instructions will tell you what you need to do at each step but will not tell you exactly how.

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1) Erase Lob 1 2) Erase Lob 2 3) Erase Lob 3 4) Erase Lob 4 5) Erase Lob 5 6) Erase Lob 6 7) Erase Lob 7
With SQL*Plus, connect to the database by using PETSTORE as the User Name, GREATPETS as the Password, and MYDB as the Host String. Approve the entries.
  1. User Name
  3. S0)Type PETSTORE in the User Name box.
  4. Password,
  6. (S0)Type GREATPETS in the Password box.
  7. Host String,
  8. MYDB
  9. Type MYDB in the Host Name box
  10. You are now connected to the database. Next, start the PL/SQL block by declaring two variables: one to store the value of the LOB and the other for the number of bytes to be erased.