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Lesson 4What to expect
ObjectiveExplain how the course is structured.

Oracle Tuning Course Expectations

This course includes several features to help you make the most of your learning experience. View the Course Orientation to learn more about each of these features.

Quizzes and Exercises

At regular intervals throughout the course, you will find multiple-choice quizzes and exercises providing hands-on practice with Oracle8-related concepts and procedures. These learning checks will enable you to assess what you've learned and plan your progress through the course accordingly. Throughout this course you will see the 1) Slide Show and 2) Diagram.
Note: The simulations in Performance Tuning Basics require a minimum monitor resolution of 800x600. If your resolution is set lower than this, some of the screens in the simulations will be too large to fit on your screen.

SlideShow and Carousel

We will be using Slide Show to illustrate procedures and processes associated with Oracle.

Diagrams and Flowcharts

Whenever you see this graphic within the course, an applet that explains the components of a window or code snippet will be displayed.
Occasionally in this course, you'll need to examine images, code, MouseOvers or FlipBooks that are larger than our standard lesson pages. When this is necessary, you'll see a View Code, View Image, View MouseOver or View Flipbook button in the left margin. Click this button to open a new Web browser window and view the image, code or output. Try it now by clicking the View Image button to the left.


Key terms associated with Oracle are defined in the course glossary. The terms are italicized and underlined in the lesson text. Use the Syllabus! To find out where you are in the course or to get a sense of where you're headed, just click the Syllabus button on the toolbar.