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Oracle Tuning Course Requirements

Lesson 3What you need
ObjectiveIdentify what you need to take this course.

Required software

Apart from your browser and decompression software, you will not need any special software to complete the lessons, exercises, and quizzes associated with this course. However, we do recommend that you take advantage of a special offer from Oracle and download the the Oracle Server Enterprise Edition available from the Oracle Server. This is a complete working copy that provides all the functionality of the full version.

Platform Requirements

Performance Tuning Basics is optimized for the UNIX and Windows Server platforms. The course is not supported on the Macintosh® platform, unless you want to browse for informational purposes.

Resources page

Visit the course Resources page by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.

Other resources

You can find the download files referred to in the lessons on the Reources page, as well as a list of Oracle Internet resources, on the Resources page. Remember, you can reach the Resources page at any time throughout the course by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.

Course Bookstore

Purchase the optional text for this course online by visiting the course Bookstore page. This book is not required to take this course, but does contain helpful, additional information. You can reach the Bookstore page at any time by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar. In the next lesson, we'll take a look at how the course is structured and preview some of the specialized learning tools you can expect to encounter.