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Lesson 7

Preparing for OCP Exam Conclusion

This module introduced you to the Oracle Certified Professional exam and its content, and outlined some useful strategies to help you prepare for it. Having completed the module, you should be able to:
  1. Describe the types of certification offered by Oracle
  2. List the requisite knowledge you will need to pass the exams
  3. Describe the different testing methods
  4. Implement strategies for getting the best score
  5. Find additional resources that can help you pass the test

Sample Exams

This might be a good time to download a sample OCP exam or two from the Oracle Web site. These reflect very closely the content of the real thing and are very useful for understanding the type of information that Oracle requires for certification. (You can download more than ten separate OCP sample exams.)
In the next module you will review Oracle architecture with a focus on tuning, look at how database design effects tuning, and begin to get an overview of how tuning optimizes performance.

Database Administration

Oracle Certified Professional exam for DBA

The Oracle Certified Professional, Database Administrator (OCP DBA) certification is a professional-level certification for DBAs. To earn this certification, you must pass one or more exams that test your knowledge and skills in database administration. The OCP DBA certification has several requirements, including:
  1. Completing an Oracle training course: You must complete an Oracle-approved training course in database administration, such as the Oracle Database 12c: Administration course.
  2. Passing the required exams: To become an OCP DBA, you must pass the Oracle Database 12c: Administration I exam (1Z0-062) and the Oracle Database 12c: Administration II exam (1Z0-063).
  3. Meeting the experience requirement: You must have a certain level of hands-on experience working with Oracle databases. The exact experience requirement depends on the version of the Oracle database that you are certified in.
The OCP DBA exams are performance-based, meaning that you will be required to perform tasks or solve problems using a real or simulated environment. The exams are designed to test your knowledge and skills in areas such as installation, configuration, and maintenance of Oracle databases, as well as your ability to troubleshoot and optimize database performance.
To maintain your OCP DBA certification, you will need to meet Oracle's continuing education and training requirements. This might involve completing additional training courses or exams, or accumulating a certain number of training and professional development credits.