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Lesson 6 Resources that can help you prepare
Objective Find additional resources that can help you pass the test.

Resources to prepare for Test

Many candidates are afraid of the rigorous reputation of the OCP exam and often put off taking the test even after they have registered. However, there are a wealth of books and online tools to assist students in test preparation, and those candidates who have been diligent in their studies often pass the test with relative ease. Among the most valuable resources are the following:

Steps to prepare for your Oracle Exam

Step 1: Take recommended training. Want to improve your chances of passing your certification exam? By taking a related training course, you will get hands-on instruction that's directly related to topics covered on your exam.
Step 2: Get ready with exam prep tools. Once you have identified which certification you would like to pursue and have taken related training, it's time to study! Let Oracle University help you prepare.
Step 3: Register for your exam. After taking recommended training and utilizing our exam prep tools, you're ready to register for your certification exam.
OCP Exam Preparation

Resources to prepare as Oracle DBA

There are many resources available to help you prepare for a career as an Oracle database administrator (DBA). Some options include:
  1. Oracle documentation: Oracle provides extensive documentation on its database products, including installation guides, user manuals, and reference materials. This can be a good starting point for learning about Oracle databases and how to work with them.
  2. Oracle University: Oracle University offers a variety of training courses and certification exams for Oracle products, including courses on database administration.
  3. Online courses and tutorials: There are many online courses and tutorials available that cover Oracle database administration. Some options include the Oracle DBA course on edX, the Oracle Administration course on Udemy, and the Oracle DBA course on Coursera.
  4. Books: There are many books available on Oracle database administration, including "Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners" and "Oracle Database 12c DBA Handbook."
  5. Practice: Hands-on experience is essential for becoming a skilled DBA. Consider setting up a test environment and practicing installing, configuring, and managing an Oracle database.
  6. Join a user group: Consider joining a local Oracle user group or an online forum for Oracle DBAs. These groups can be a great resource for networking and learning from more experienced professionals.
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