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Lesson 4 Explore course resources.
Objective This page asks you to explore course resources.

SQL Course Resources for Queries, Cursors, and Views

There are numerous resources offered with this course that will help you to complete it successfully.
The greatest resource is the SQL Configuration Sitemap which you should take right now.
You will learn what to expect with regard to course structure, interactivity, and assessment.


Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to review definitions of key terms. These terms are defined in the course glossary. Clicking a glossary term opens a pop-up window with the definition.
We encourage you to use the sitemap. The Sitemap contains courses that may contain information regarding the topic you are currently studying.

Course WebStore

Additional material with respect to Relational Databases and SQL Configuration can be obtained from the following book.

SQL Server 2016 Developers Guide

Exercise submissions

After completing some exercises, you will be required to cut and paste your source code into a text submission box. Copying and pasting is generally easy to accomplish.
In the next lesson, the learning community and forum will be discussed.