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Multiple Table InnerJoin - Exercise

Retrieving Data from multiple tables with inner and outer joins, part 2

Create an outer join

Objective: Practice creating an outer join

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 25 points. You will receive up to 25 points for accurately creating the outer join as described in the instructions.


Consider the Sales table that looks like this:
DivisionID SaleAmount
101 150000
102 250000
103 10000
104 700000

Consider the Division table that looks like this:
101 North East
102 South East
103 Central
104 North West
105 South West

Construct a LEFT outer join query to return the DivisionName and SaleAmount for each division, even if that division has no sales.

Submitting the exercise

Type or paste your Transact-SQL statement into the text box below, then click Submit to submit them and view a results page.