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Updating Data from Values in Another Table - Exercise

Create an UPDATE statement using values from another table

Objective:Practice creating an UPDATE statement using values from another table.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 20 points. You will receive up to 20 points for accurately creating the UPDATE statement as described in the instructions.


Using the course project as an example, the Timesheets table looks like this:
EmployeeID ClientID TaskID WeekEndingDate Hours

The Tasks table looks like this:




101 Vacation 0
102 General 1
103 Programming 1

The company realized that for the week ending 6/1/2009, employee number 1 inadvertently charged 30 hours of vacation on his timesheet, but he should have charged 40 hours. Assuming that you do not know the TaskID for Vacation, Construct an UPDATE statement that uses both tables to update the Hours column in the Timesheets table to the appropriate value.

Submitting the exercise

Type or paste your Transact-SQL statement into the text box below, then click Submit to submit them and view a results page.