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Implementing full-text Searching - Exercise

Create a free-text Transact-SQL query

Objective: Practice creating a free-text Transact-SQL query.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. You will receive up to 10 points for accurately creating the free-text query, as described in the instructions.


Construct a full-text query that returns the Description of all departments that are responsible for anything having to do with “hardware and software” using the table below:
DepartmentID Description ManagerID Responsibilities
1 Accounting 302 Accounting is responsible for making sure that all accounting functions are accurately reported to the investor community.
2 Human Relations 342 Human Relation is responsible for all salary and benefits for employees and contractors.
3 Information Systems 501 Information Systems is responsible for all custom programming, as well as hardware and software support services.
4 Legal 106 The Legal department constructs all legally-binding agreements. This department is also responsible for handling all law suits, including hardware and software liability.

Submitting the exercise

Type or paste your Transact-SQL statement into the text box below, then click Submit to submit them and view a results page.