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Document Database Installation - Exercise


Objective Document your system

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. You'll receive up to 2 points for correctly answering each question.


You have installed your general ledger system and as the final task before going live you must document your database installation.

Download files

You will need the following download files in order to complete this exercise:
  1. Information about your system is contained in the spool.txt file. This file contains output from several v$ view and server manager commands.
  2. Your init.ora file is named initgl1.ora.
  3. To document your site you must fill out siteinfo.doc, using the information contained in spool.txt and initgl1.ora.


Please download the above files and fill out the siteinfo.doc file using the information contained in spool.txt and initgl1.ora. When you are finished completing the siteinfo.doc file, please answer the following questions about your system and identify where you got your answer. When you are finished entering your responses in the text box that appears below each question, click the Submit button to send your answers.
  1. Do you have duplexed control files?

  2. Do you have duplexed archive log files?

  3. Are you setup for noarchivelog mode or archivelog mode?

  4. If you are setup for archivelog mode, are you running automatic or manual archiving?

  5. What modifications would you make to your redo log files, if any?