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PUBs Database Access

Microsoft SQL Server Database Set Up

In most SQL Server installations, you will automatically have access to the PUBS database, which contains the data used throughout this course.
To begin with SQL Server, confirm the following:
  1. You have installed the client utilities that are part of the SQL Server installation set.
  2. You have obtained a login ID for SQL Server.
  3. You have been granted rights for the PUBS database.

SQL Server Installation

The SQL Server Installation Wizard provides a single feature tree to install all SQL Server components:
  1. Database Engine
  2. Analysis Services
  3. Reporting Services
  4. Integration Services
  5. Master Data Services
  6. Data Quality Services
  7. Connectivity components
Starting with SQL Server 2016 (13.x), SQL Server Management Tools is no longer installed from the main feature tree. You can install each component individually or select a combination of the components listed above. To make the best choice among the editions and components available in SQL Server, see the features supported by your version of SQL Server:
Regardless of whether you use the SQL Server Installation Wizard or the command prompt to install SQL Server, Setup involves the following steps:
Install SQL-Server

From here, all you need to do to confirm that you are able to connect and query the database is to open the Start menu and select Programs and then Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Utilities. The resulting menu will have an option, ISQL_W, that represents the query manager for SQL Server. Select this option and you will be prompted for the user ID and password provided to you by your DBA.
As soon as you have logged in successfully, select the PUBS database from the Database drop-down list box. This will tell the server which database you need to work with, and it will make querying the database much simpler. The final step in the test is to issue a simple query. All you need to do is type in the following:

SELECT * FROM authors

Press the green Execute button on the toolbar of the window, and the query will be sent to the server.
If you have any troubles, download the scripts necessary to build the PUBS database from the Resources page and try the test again after you have confirmed with your DBA that the database is available.