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SQL Delete Row - Exercise

The DELETE Statement

Objective: Create a DELETE statement that removes one row from the database.
Use the figure below as the starting point for your table:
CustomerID LastName FirstName Address 1 Address 2 City State ZipCode Phone
1 Brennan Caitlin 1604 N. West Street Suite 304 D Santa Clara CA 99834-1223 444-515-1212
2 Anne Julie 3561 E. Chef Overture   Tuscon AZ 85700 444-515-1212
4 Steinberg Mike 5481 SE Torque Blvd   San Antonio TX 95700-3334 444-515-1212
5 Jose Diaz One Infinite Loop   Cupertino, CA 95014 444-515-1212
3 Nahk Tabinda 1234 S. Main Street   Seville CA 23415-4432 444-515-1212

Create a DELETE statement that will remove the row containing the record for Tabinda Nahk.
When you are done, submit your statement .