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Insert Additional Rows - Exercise

Objective: Add more rows to your table
  1. Insert additional rows for the table to be used as demonstration content for the balance of this module.
  2. Create the INSERT statements that will insert the following customer information into the customer table.
One statement will be needed for each customer record.

Name:     Julie Anne 
Address:  3561 E. Chof Ovi St
          Tucson, AZ 85700
Phone:    (444) 515-1212

Name:     Tabinda Nahk
Address:  1234 S. Main Street
          San Francisco, CA 23415-4432
Phone:    (444) 515-1212

Name:     Mike Steinbern 
Address:  5481 SE Torque Blvd.
          San Antonio, TX 95700-3346
Phone:    (444) 515-1212

Name:     Stephen Mhazi 
Address:  One DistributedNetworks Way
          Los Angeles, CA 8s5321
Phone:    (444) 515-1212

As before, assume that the CustomerID column will be automatically created by the database engine (it is an automatically incrementing column). If your database engine doesn't provide this capability, you can supply sequential customer IDs of 1, 2, 3, and 4.
When you are done, submit your statements.