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Creating index-organized Table - Exercise

Creating an index-organized Table

Objective: Create an index-organized table

Exercise Scoring

This exercise will be graded on your submission. You will receive 10 points for this exercise, and you may receive partial credit.


In a previous course, you created a script file with the SQL statements needed to create the tables in your COIN database, complete with additional indexes and constraints. In this exercise, you will write a script that will make one of the tables an index-organized table. The table you should create is the COIN table, and it contains the following columns:
  1. coin_id: NUMBER
  2. coin_date: DATE
  3. mint_mark: VARCHAR2(20)
  4. series: VARCHAR2(20)
  5. denomination: VARCHAR2(10)
  6. variety: VARCHAR2(20)
  7. grade: VARCHAR2(10)
  8. owner_client_id: NUMBER
  9. country: VARCHAR2(20)

The primary key for the columns is the coin_id column.


Write a script that will create the COIN table as an index-organized table.


You will write a standard CREATE TABLE statement with just a couple of extra keywords.
For the purposes of this exercise, you may assume that the COIN table is appropriate for use as an index-organized table, which may or may not be true, depending on the usage characteristics of the database and its applications.

Submitting your Exercise

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