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Creating PRODUCT_PROFILE table

You must set up the PRODUCT_PROFILE table to allow product profiles to be implemented. Your Oracle database comes with a SQL script called PUPBLD.SQL that will create the PRODUCT_PROFILE table and the appropriate synonyms and views that go along with it.
You have to be logged on as user SYSTEM when you run this script from SQL*Plus.


Database resources are not unlimited; therefore, a DBA must manage and allocate resources among all database users. Some examples of database resources are CPU time, concurrent sessions, logical reads, and connect time.
A database profile is a named set of resource limits that you can assigned to a user. After Oracle is installed, the DEFAULT profile exists and is assigned to any user not explicitly assigned a profile. The DBA can add new profiles or change the DEFAULT profile to suit the needs of the enterprise. The initial values for the DEFAULT profile allow for unlimited use of all database resources.