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Viewing Audit Records - Exercise

Viewing Audit Records

Objective: Create SQL statements to view audit records.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth 5 points. After you have completed your answer, submit your answer.

Background and Overview

In the last exercise, you created a script that turned on auditing for a number of possible actions. In this exercise, you will create a SQL script that will report on the audit records collected.

Download Files

You can download a correct version of the script for this exercise from the course Resources page.


Select the rows from the appropriate data dictionary table to display the name of the user who performed an audited action, the time the action took place, and the type of action that occurred. Sort the actions by the time the actions occurred.


  1. You will need only one SQL statement to retrieve this data.
  2. You will want to view all audit records for all users, so you should use the DBA_ version of the appropriate data dictionary view.

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