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Using Wildcards - Exercise

Implementing Restrictions

Objective: Impose some user restrictions on COIN database users.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth 10 points, and will be graded on your submission to the tutor.

Background and Overview

In previous exercises, you created a COIN database and a number of users for the database. In this exercise, you will create a script that will impose some restrictions for some of the users of that database.


Add rows to the PRODUCT_PROFILE table to prevent the users BID1 and BID2 from doing an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE operation with SQL*Plus.


You could use a wildcard to impose the restriction. You should make sure that your wildcard representation of the user is narrow enough to avoid interfering with other potential users. For the purposes of this exercise, you should use a separate statement for each individual SQL statement.

Submitting your exercise