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Wildcards Profile[SQL] - Quiz

Wildcards, Deleting, and Reporting on Product Profile

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.

1. Which wildcard characters can be used when specifying usernames in the product profile?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. _
  B. *
  C. %
  D. You cannot use wildcards.

2. You have added a restriction to the product profile that prevents all users from using the HOST command in SQL*Plus. How would you allow the user named BRIAN to use this command?
Please select the best answer.
  A. Delete all restrictions for all users.
  B. Delete all restrictions for the user BRIAN.
  C. Delete the row with the restriction for BRIAN for the HOST command.
  D. Delete the row with the restriction for all users for the HOST command.